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Here at Tuttle Legal, our primary focus is you. In our office, we have represented 1000s of people through some of the toughest times in their lives in civil actions, mortgage foreclosure proceedings, and bankruptcy.  

It is our practice to provide you the most stress-free experience possible, while using a combination of innovative legal strategies and tried and true methods to best fit your financial and legal needs. 

We realize that whatever is going on that has brought you to us is probably the most important thing going on in your life right now.  So let’s see what’s happening, come up with a plan, and get you back on your feet.  




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Alex has been a superior attorney and always was there to help when needed. He is an attorney who actually cares about his clients as people. He has helped us more than once and I would highly recommend him!

Tuttle legal team was a tremendous help to us in the Time of great trouble and stress. They gave flawless advice and council. Also we were treated with respect and compassion. Professional in every way..the results favored us and ultimately led to our coming out of a very trying circumstance..highly recommend them for honesty and expertise..none better!

-George N.

-Joette M.

Alex helps people in their time of need. In my line of work I need someone with the knowedge and commitment to fight for the people and have success. This is Alex.

-John B.

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Well Versed in the Two-Part Bankruptcy Means Test

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Appointments Available in Person, Phone, Facetime, Zoom & Skype

Has Represented Thousands of Clients in Civil Actions, Foreclosures, & Bankruptcy 

Top Bankruptcy Filing Attorney in the Philadelphia Suburbs &

the Lehigh Valley


Alexander Tuttle, Esquire

Main Location:  

2303 North Broad Street   

Suite #2    

Colmar, PA 18915 

Satellite Location:

1101 Hamilton Street

Suite #256

Allentown, PA 18101


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(215) 723-7969


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Main Office:

2303 N. Broad St.

Suite 2

Colmar, PA 18915

Satellite Office:

1101 Hamilton St.

Suite 256

Allentown, PA 18101

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